If You Use This Company For a New Door, Stand Firm

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Articles

We got a new garage door with door frame installed yesterday because our old door didn’t work right and the frame was split. Just to give you an idea of the situation, the knob didn’t have to be turned to open the door, the lock was broken, and the door frame was beginning to pull off the wall. If the wind was blowing hard, the door would blow open, even if the outside garage door was shut. Needless to say, a repair job was in order. The new door looks really great, it’s SWAT team proof  and the locks can’t be picked by the top locksmiths in the country, so we’re pretty sure no one’s going to be breaking in…. at least through the door (the frame around the door is steel). But that’s not really why our parents went with this door; those are just some interesting facts about this product.

A company called Power Home Remodeling Group did the work. The men who did the work did a great job but the other people from the company were extremely annoying. Every step of the way, they were trying to sell something else to our parents even though all we wanted was the one door. They tried to get them to sign up for gutters, a front door, siding, and windows. Not all at once, but in the ongoing sales pitch which lasted for quite some time. Our parents stood firm and the last salesman walked away last night after our father once again said, “No, thank you.”

Now we just have to finish patching holes in the garage and getting the whole area painted – but the door is good! Before we try to sell our house, this is one less thing we have to get fixed 🙂

by Dink

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