Too Small For Comfort

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Articles
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We wrote an article on November 26 of 2013 about Agenda 21 which is, as we put in the article, (Everything Smart, Green, and Wonderful) ” a policy that was introduced by the UN, with the first appearance of the term “sustainable development” appearing in a 1987 report by the UN. We went on to say, “The purpose of Agenda 21 is supposedly to reduce the amount of resources consumed, to bring about equality, and to reestablish and maintain biodiversity, which, according to Webster’s II New Collage Dictionary, is ‘the variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region.'” Agenda 21 is “concerned with the effects of humans on the planet.”StackableHouses

You can read the whole article on it if you’re interested., but the point is, as Agenda 21 continues to be brought into our lives, the notion of teeny weeny living spaces keeps resurfacing. Houses such as these are already in place in Tokyo, Japan, and tiny stackable houses were recently tested in New York. Presently called “Post disaster houses,” the city could easily implement such housing without an disaster, and if Agenda 21 plans go far enough, people might be living in these tiny apartments that have already been used in Tokyo and tested in New York and other major US cities.

I don’t know about you, but we don’t want to live in a box in a nasty city. When you hear someone say “sustainable living”, or some other Agenda 21 phrase, you should stop them and ask them exactly what they are talking about and go to the logical conclusion with them. A lot of people are just stupid and don’t think past the end of their nose.

by Dink and John

  1. roberta4949 says:

    Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!! hate the city, people need open spaces, privacy and quiet if they aer concerned about the health of the humans too like they claim they would be encouraging them even helping them move out into more open space and spread mankind out, to reduce stress, increase cleaner air for them to breath, produce their own food, meat and crops, reduce the pollution that occurs in cities because of congestion and cool things down by getting rid of the urban heat islands. that would be just a start in the benefits to humans to equalize everything (remember when everyone was given 180 acres? if everyone has say 3 or 4acres then it will be equal we would all be equally able to care for some of our own needs sustainably instead of relying on corporations who back agenda 21 to provide high cost resources in unsustainable ways.

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