Why are Graduation Caps Square?

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Articles
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DinksGraduationYesterday I graduated from high school and it was pretty fun. Most graduations I’ve been to have been really long and boring, but this one seemed surprisingly fast and wasn’t boring at all, most likely because I was participating. Afterwords my family, my sister’s boyfriend, and I went to a restaurant and celebrated there.

Now that I’ve graduated, I have to say that I don’t really have any deep thoughts about the future, but I did wonder why graduation caps are shaped like they are. It makes absolutely no sense, because graduation caps are basically like a square on top of your head. Who exactly invented the design for them? It’s pretty weird if you think about it. Congratulations Mr. Student, you graduated. Here’s a square to go on your head. Just to top it off, here are some tassels that constantly get stuck behind your ear or in your eyes.

I actually don’t mind the way graduation caps look, and I’m used to them by now, having witnessed many graduations, but I’d still like to know their origin.

by Dink

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