Dead Tree Tops

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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More and more, we see trees that are very unhealthy – well, towards the top. They’ll have plenty of leaves near the bottom, but then they’ll be dead at the top. We’ve been seeing this a lot, and we also read an article that said this phenomenon is related to GeoEngineering. GeoEngineering is weather modification on a global scale and we’ve written a whole article about it (Raising Awareness on GeoEngineering). Basically, planes fly around and spray things – what things? Well the only thing people are pretty sure about is that one thing they are spraying is aluminum.

Anyway, we’ve just noticed a lot more trees that are healthy at the bottom and dead at the top. It could just be that we haven’t noticed it before and after we read the article we started noticing, but I feel like it’s a new occurrence. Does anyone know if tress have always looked like this?

by John

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