Why Are Smokers Harassed so Much?

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Articles
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Smokers are persecuted. There is no question about that. There is a heavy tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products. We have seen commercials that imply smoking will necessitate the amputation of your limbs and the loss of your voice. In most public places you cannot smoke freely, even outside, and overall, people seem to hate smokers.

We would like to know why it is that smokers, of all people, are harassed so much. There are other vices that are just as bad, or worse, than smoking. Take excessive and careless drinking as an example. If you drink excessively and drive, you could wind up killing innocent people, and that’s a lot worse than second-hand smoke.

It’s true that there are laws concerning drinking, but there are no commercials that say, “Drinking will destroy your liver!” There are no commercials implying that if you drink, you may wind up losing everything – your job, wife, children, and home. On the contrary, alcohol commercials make drinking look like the best thing in the world. They do slap a quick “drink responsibly” at the end of most commercials, but still, the commercials definitely pass off drinking as a positive thing. I have to say, I have never seen a commercial that portrays smoking as a positive thing.

Just to illustrate the fact that smokers are unreasonably harassed, Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order banning the smoking of cigarettes in Philadelphia parks. The executive order (which doesn’t even fine you if you don’t obey it) also applies to electronic smoking devices like E-cigarettes and its purpose is, as Mr. Nutter says, to protect the environment, to help make clean and healthy outdoor places for the residents of Philadelphia to enjoy, and also to encourage smokers to quit, among other reasons.

While I would never smoke and also think it’s bad for you, I don’t think people who want to should be forced to quit. If they want to smoke, it’s their business. While we can understand the reasoning behind asking smokers not to smoke inside an office building, we don’t understand why they can’t smoke outside in peace. Is second-hand smoke so dangerous even outside in the open that it must be banned? I would venture to say that second-hand smoke is not too much of a hazard outside. Why not take care of all the rats in Philadelphia parks before worrying about a few smokers.

A comment left on the article we read (Nutter bans smoking in Philadelphia parks) sums it up nicely (we removed the part about guns because it was totally wrong):

Another vicious attack on individual freedom. It is a total outrage. THIS IS OUTSIDE in a taxpayer-funded park. If this continues we might all as well put bullets in our brains, because we obviously are not fit to live as we wish. It is the same as ordering someone to not eat pizza in public. It is the same as ordering dogs not allowed to be walked in public because someone has allergies.

If anyone has an argument supporting Mayor Nutter’s position that would help convince us skeptics, we’d like to hear it.

by Dink and John

  1. bert0001 says:

    I’m a non smoker, but I often join the smoker’s break … these people seem to be more social 🙂

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