The Blue Jay

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Articles, Videos
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Well, it’s time for another bird. We can’t help ourselves – since we got the birdfeeders, we want to take pictures and videos of them. This time we’re writing about the blue jay.

Blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) are from the jay family and are rather big songbirds. They have a crest on their head and are blue with some white and black. They are in our area all year round, and inhabit most of the rest of America – at least two thirds of it. They like wooded areas and can be found near oaks, in parks, towns, and cities. Most of the people in our family love blue jays. We think they are a smart bird and very beautiful. We were surprised we could get a video of this bird because they get scared easily and are more wary than most birds. Usually when we go towards the window, they fly off. Niles doesn’t really like blue jays, but we don’t know why. He basically doesn’t like very many animals. If you want to listen to their call, you can click here.

We don’t have a big enough feeder for the blue jays and cardinals and other big birds to perch on, so we’re going to build something. It’s basically going to be like a flat surface that fits onto our porch railing and that has a low border. Also, if you’re wondering what kind of bird seed we used to draw this bird in, we used something called Duncraft Cardinals Delight.

by John


  1. Libby says:

    Lovely photos.

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