Small Green Frog of an Unknown Species

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Articles
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Today we found a small green frog in one of our hydrangea bushes. He was a really small. While sitting, he was probably only about an inch long. We took some pictures of him and a video of him jumping, but it’s hard to identify him. We think it is a gray tree frog (sometimes referred to as Eastern Gray Tree Frog). It has the ability to change color from gray to green, depending on its background. If you know what species this is, please tell us!

Speaking of identifying things, sethsnap has a contest for a JORD watch. If you go to his website, you can read all about it (the post describing it is here).

Here’s a short description of the contest: He received a free JORD watch and has another one to give to one of his readers. He is going to put up posts concerning the contest, and when he does, you must follow instructions given in the post and if you meet certain conditions, then you get another chance to win the JORD watch. Anyway, he put up a post recently of several flowers and asked people to identify them. If you can identify them correctly, you get another entry in the contest. It’s pretty fun, so you should visit his blog!

By the way, Dink thinks this is a toad but everyone else thinks that it is a frog. Does anyone out there know?

by John

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