Sunday Entertainment in Philadelphia

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Videos
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Weekends in Philadelphia are a time to see some free entertainment on the streets if you want to. Today, we saw/heard two things that we thought were worth mentioning. The first one was a little Spanish band that was playing in front of a church. One man was playing a bongo while two others were playing guitar. One of the guitar players was also singing. It was actually pretty enjoyable to listen to in passing, and we filmed some of it:

The other thing we saw was not so much entertaining as disturbing. We saw three people doing some ballet in the street. Keep in mind, there would be nothing wrong with this if two of them weren’t boys. Oh yes. One girl and two boys were being filmed doing a bit of ballet in the streets of Philadelphia. As we walked past, we also noticed that the boys were much better at it than the girl:

by John

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