Chocolate Testing

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Articles
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SAM_5178Today my dad got some various kinds of chocolate from a store called “Mom’s Organic Market”. He went there because they accept used fluorescent  light bulbs and we wanted them out of our house. Today is the 9th day of the month and even though our parents were married on the 9th day of July, our dad gets a little something for our mom on the 9th day of every month and has ever since they were married a million years ago.

Anyway, when he came home with the chocolate, it made my mom think of a story from when she was in college where some people would sit around and taste a bunch of different kinds of fancy and expensive chocolate with their eyes closed. They would rate each kind of chocolate by taste, texture, and smell. When all the different chocolates had been rated, they would compare each person’s ratings and decide which chocolate was the best. During one round, somebody slipped a piece of Hershey chocolate in, and when the votes were counted up, it turned out that the Hershey chocolate won! That was a little funny, considering they bought a lot of fancy expensive chocolate from various European countries. At the end of it all, they chose Hershey chocolate as the best kind.

Well, tonight we decided to do our own chocolate tasting (and even threw in a Hershey bar) and it turned out that the chocolate made by Divine won overall. That’s the one in the picture below. It’s a really good kind of chocolate just in case you were interested.  These tasting sessions are pretty fun to do, and we might hold another one later on with a different food item.

SAM_5180by Dink and John

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