Custom Car Sighted on I-95

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

While driving to Philadelphia this Saturday, we saw a really interesting looking car. It was definitely not your average vehicle. At first, we thought it was an exotic Mini Cooper, but it wasn’t. Anyway, the bottom half had been cut off in the back, so that the inner mechanisms were showing, and the windows looked like they had been removed. Look at the pictures to see what we mean. Sorry for the bad quality by the way. The pictures were a little difficult to get in a moving car.

We like it when we see a custom made car on the roads. We are wondering if you have to special permissions to be able to drive your own specially made car. Anyway, this car really stood out from the rest of the vehicles on the highway, but we think it looks nice. Dink would actually like a car that looked like this one.

by John

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