Lung Cleanse Review

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Reviews
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lungIn the spring, many people are affected by allergies, and I am one of them. In the past, I’ve used Claritin for my allergies, but for a while now we’ve been trying to steer away from  man-made medicines. One of the natural health products that we’ve been purchasing recently is called AllerTrex Natural Lung Cleanse Formula. This product, which comes in a spray bottle, is designed to cleanse your lungs and keep them healthy. Lung Cleanse is made by Dr. Edward Group, the same chemist who developed the kind of nascent iodine that we purchase. Dr. Group develops a lot of natural medicines and herbs to help various problems. Since all of his products that we have tried are very good, and since the Lung Cleanse is supposed to help soothe allergies among other things, our parents decided to purchase some so we could try it out.

After using it for a while (about three weeks), John and I both think it’s really good. So far this spring, I have noticed less sneezing and less watery eyes, which are the usual symptoms for my allergies. Also, whenever we go to take care of our neighbor’s animals, John is irritated heavily by the barn animals. A week ago when we did the animals, John did a lung cleanse as soon as we got back to the house, and the irritation went away shortly thereafter. We have decided that, so far, this product works and we will probably continue to purchase it at least for a while.

Most health products don’t taste too good, but this tastes fine. It has a minty, herb-like kind of taste.

If you’re wondering how to take Lung Cleanse, it comes in a spray bottle. You spray it into your mouth four to six times. Then, keeping your mouth as closed as possible, breathe in through your mouth deeply and then exhale (we exhale through our nose), three times. After that, you swallow the remaining liquid. All in all, this product is really good, and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a ten and so would Dink. If you have allergies, you should definitely try this! It can be bought here. By the way, Lung Cleanse isn’t made specifically for allergies. It was made for the overall health of your lungs

by Dink and John

  1. Libby says:

    Also an allergy sufferer I try to use homeopathic remedies. My usually preferred one has recently been discontinued and I have tried one or two others, maybe I’ll give this a try if I can find it in the UK!

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