Press On

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Articles

The nations of the world always push to advance. They compete with other nations for the most advanced technology and the most powerful military. People from poor countries long for a better place for themselves and their children. Often, a family will sacrifice their country, heritage, and more, to move to a nation that is more prosperous. They are willing to sacrifice their own comfort in order for their children to have a better life. And yet, people always seem to get too comfortable with their country when it prospers. This is a mistake though, because when people stop trying to always push forward, they will fall backwards. Nations, societies, and people as individuals should never grow too comfortable with where they are, but rather, they should realize that they will always have room to improve.

Out of the three entities mentioned earlier, nations, societies, and individual people, it is probably most important for individuals to make sure they are improving. The reason for this is very simple. Individuals make up societies and nations. When a society or nation is composed of people with integrity and character, the nation or society will automatically move forward. For example, in the past, America had a society with high morals. Not surprisingly, the United States shot ahead of many of the other nations to take its place among the world powers in a relatively short time. The individual should never be satisfied with who he is, because we all sin even when we try to be holy. If we do not try to improve, then what will we become? Individuals with good character are the backbone of a nation. We all want to live in a strong nation, but are we willing to work hard to be better people?

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