The Good Pay For The Bad

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Articles

The pharmacy in our town has just made it impossible for people to come and pick up syringes without a prescription. Why? Because our town has a bad heroin problem which is surprising considering its size. It’s also surprising because all the people we know and all the people we see seem just like us – not the type to do heroin. Nonetheless, there is a heroin problem and so the pharmacy had to stop people from just walking in and purchasing large packs of syringes.

According to our sister who works there, the diabetics and other legitimate customers needing syringes easily get their doctor to call in their prescriptions, but the others, upon finding out that they can no longer just ask for them, either get angry or act like they’ll just come back after obtaining the required prescription. But she can tell.

Anyway, this is just one example among many where a rule intended to curb the behaviors of lawless people also curbs the behavior of law abiding citizens. In this case, it is just the inconvenience of having to place a call in to one’s doctor, but there are other examples which are a little more annoying.

The whole speed limit deal is a good example of how innocent people are hurt by bad people’s actions. There is a small percentage of selfish and inconsiderate people who drive very recklessly and fast. They put others in the way of harm, and because of this, the states had to put up speed limits. Unwilling to be put off by a speed limit sign, policemen had to hide and catch the rascals, terrorizing innocent drivers as well (just ask anyone who drives how their heart stops when a police pulls out behind them with lights flashing – and then they go and catch someone else). Then, because policemen cannot be everywhere, the birth of the speed camera occurred.

We have so many speed cameras around us it is actually getting funny, but not too funny. And now that our county realizes how much money they can make with them, they keep putting up more and more and they are also moving them so as to catch people unawares. Is driving down a straight road in the middle of the night when no one is on the road at 40-45 mph instead of 30mph really endangering anyone’s life. We don’t think so. But now, if you use your common sense and do just that, you will see a blinding light just as you pass another one of those blasted speed cameras.

Like we said, the innocent are always getting hurt along with the guilty.

by Dink and John

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