Bow and Arrow

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Today the weather was really nice, so Dink and I spent a little bit of time outside. We were shooting arrows at a pizza box, but we were only out there for about 25 minutes. Our roof is leaking, so after we were out for  a while, a guy came to fix it. Then, our oldest brother came over for a little visit so we came on in, but we still had time to hit the box a couple of times. The bow we have is really small because it belongs to our brother Niles who got it when he was a small chap. But it’s still pretty good to practice with.

Our dad also has a compound bow made by PSE. It has sights and a 65 lb draw weight and it is really powerful. It’s made for deer hunting. When he shot it for the first time in a while, it went back into the row of pine trees surrounding our property. We found it stuck into a pine tree after a couple minutes of searching.

For my birthday this summer, I am hoping to get a crossbow. They handle like a rifle which makes them easier to shoot than a traditional bow and they are powerful and accurate. They can cost as much as a person wants to spend on them. I just want one that is sufficient for a person my age. By the way, of you’re wondering about the last picture, that’s the sights, aiming at the birdhouse.

Hopefully, spring is finally here!

by John

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