School Fundraiser (aka Alright Kids, Go Out and Beg For Us)

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Should we just tell the school, “Do your own begging”? No, we won’t be that cynical.

As you may have guessed, I participated in a school fundraiser. I participated because I wanted to win one of the top prizes. The top prizes were: a 39″ flat screen TV (whoopee), an XBox with Kinect (boring), or $250 cash. I wanted the cash. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the prize I was looking for. Instead, I received some headphones. That’s not too bad, but I was a little disappointed.

Anyway, the food stuffs we sold are distributed by Claire’s Gourmet. This seems to be a very popular fundraiser going around all the schools at least in our area. As I went around our neighborhood begging for funds for our school… I mean participating in our school’s fundraiser, several people mentioned that they couldn’t buy anything because their own children had the same fundraising to do.

Now if you get confronted by a poor child who has been convinced to raise money for their school with the “Claire’s Gourmet program”, here are the food stuffs which we personally think are the best buy. None of the food is healthy – that’s a given. If you’re on a healthy diet, you may as well say, “Sorry, I really don’t want anything.”

We like the French bread pizzas – all four varieties. Since most of our family really likes cheesecake, my sister bought us one and it was really good. The last thing we got were pretzel pockets and pretzel dogs. Just stick to the French bread pizzas and cheesecakes.

We put in pictures of some of the food people ordered. As for how I like the headphones, they’re pretty good I guess. They are made by Retro. If you ever buy Claire’s Gourmet food from some chap who’s begging, we hope you like it!

by John

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