War with Russia?

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Articles
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Now that things have calmed down somewhat with Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia, we want to say something about going to war. This is it: normal people do not want to fight other people to the death for the sakes of a few power and money-hungry monsters. It would be bad enough to have to fight someone who was attacking you.

Remember Napoleon? Napoleon’s end came after a series of wars he fought in order to gain more and more land and power. Now at some point, Napoleon found himself with over half a million of his troops in Russia. As they marched, they burned the land as they went. Not going into all the details here, Napoleon started his march back to France in October, when the air was already cold.

The sick thing about this march home was that Napoleon’s troops had destroyed the land on the way in and so had nothing to eat on the way out. They also came into Russia in the summer and now were marching out in the snow and temperatures of thirty degrees below zero in summer uniforms. Russian troops had burned the bridges between Russia and Poland and so Napoleon’s men had to struggle through freezing water to get to the other side.

In all, 600,000 of his men died; 40,000 survived.

For what did these men have to sacrifice their lives? Doesn’t anyone care about their fellow human beings? Can you imagine the misery of these French men dying in Russia, far from home and everything they loved? Can you imagine their families who loved them and could never see them again and also their anguish at knowing they died a horrendous death? And for what?

Let the politicians who want to play around with other people’s lives go fight their wars themselves. Let them send their own children first. If anyone has to die, let them go first. Normal people want to live their lives in peace.

by John and Dink

  1. Jeff says:

    In the words of System of A Down, “Why don’t presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?”

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