The Boxer Rebellion

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Articles
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I’ve read about a lot of rebellions in history, and obviously some of them have been better planned and carried out than others. The Boxer Rebellion in China was definitely one of the worst rebellions in my opinion. The Boxers were patriots who believed their government wasn’t doing enough to protect the country from the foreigners trying to spread Western ways into China. The rebellion took place from 1898-1900, and it was a very violent one.

The Boxers believed that the Christian missionaries coming in from other countries were bringing foreign ways into the China. They also thought the Chinese Christians were traitors. Consequently, they thought that the way to stop Western ideas from coming to China was to kill all missionaries and all the Chinese Christians. They also ripped out railroads that Westerners were building in China. They knew the railroads were the quickest way for European countries to ship more people and soldiers to China.

The Boxers were very patriotic, but they did cross the line. To protect their country, they went to extreme violent measures, including killing innocent missionaries and Chinese. In the end, frantic efforts to prevent something from happening do not work. The exact thing that is feared cannot be stopped by wrongdoing.

by John

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