If Somebody is Trying to Kill You, Turn the Other Cheek

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

First of all, the title above is facetious. And we’re not making fun of the Bible. Instead, we’re pointing out the stupidity of a website called Sojourners. This website is supposedly Christian, but the authors are clearly confused, at the very least. One of the articles on Sojourners is entitled, “I Hope We Never Become a ‘Christian Nation’ Again“. To me, that sounds like something an atheist would say. There is a blog on the Sojourners website and it is unbelievably and arrogantly called “God’s Politics”. The articles on this blog are political but we suspect they have little to do with God. The few articles we looked at twist the Bible up in ridiculous ways so that the Bible always says what they want it to say.

Anyway, we wanted to introduce Sojourners to you in case you did not know about it already, and we also wanted to mention a particular article on their website entitled, “You Can’t Point a Person to Christ with a Gun“, which is written by Katie Chatelaine-Samsen.

The basis for her complaints is the fact that several churches in Kentucky are hosting “Second Amendment Celebrations”, which are gatherings where people eat, a sermon is preached, and then at the end of the event, twenty-five free guns are given away. In New York, a free AR-15 will be given away to the raffle winner at the end of a church service.

In this article, the author states that Jesus would not use guns to evangelize. Promising guns to those who attend means that the people who come think that Jesus is not reason enough to come to church. They need evil guns to lure them to the sanctuary. She says that Christians should turn the other cheek, rather than own guns for self-defense. Christians should be peacemakers. And finally, the author tells the many gun owners in the U.S. that their guns are their idols.

Well, first of all, I do think that it is a little odd for a church to be giving away guns at a regular church service; however, the author said that the 25 guns in Kentucky would be given away at a “Second Amendment Celebration”. That’s not a church service on the Lord’s day. It’s something different as far as we can tell. As for the churches that evangelize by giving away free guns, I personally don’t see any difference between giving out free guns versus other enticements. Take the modern Evangelical churches, for instance, which promise lots of fun and great music if you come to their services. Or take the churches which say if you don’t go to church that it is a mortal sin and you will go to hell. That’s an enticement, just a different kind. Additionally, about a week or so back, we passed a church that had a free pancake breakfast advertised. Why don’t they complain about any of these things? Maybe they should write an article called, “Would Jesus Evangelize With a Pancake?!?” Finally, they could only name a few churches that have plans to give away guns. In other words, it seems like it isn’t a common occurrence. It would seem that the people at Sojourners are just trying to demonize guns. In our humble opinion, any gimmick is a gimmick. Any gimmick ultimately doesn’t work and they are equally gimmicky.

Now, when Jesus said to turn the other cheek he was speaking of Christians seeking revenge. He didn’t mean for Christians to turn the other cheek if somebody is trying to kill you. Seriously, if an armed criminal broke into your house and meant harm to your wife and children, you have the right and the responsibility to defend yourself and your loved ones. Ex 22:2a (NIV) says, “If a thief is caught breaking in at night and is struck a fatal blow, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.” Yes, Christians should be peacemakers, but there is no conflict between being a peacemaker and defending yourself.

About the guns being idols, I don’t even know what to say to that. The author says, “…the gun becomes the ultimate, the sacred, the sacrosanct. Nothing can limit its use, it can do no harm, and it is the protector, the provider, the defender of all that is good in the world.” That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. We know plenty of people who own guns, and their guns are not their idols. They do not worship them and they do not place their guns above God. They know that without God, they are sunk. They love God and thank God for their guns and every other good thing He has given them.

Sorry, Sojourners. Try again. You haven’t convinced us at all. Not in the least.

by Dink

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