Drawing a Self Portrait

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Dink's Drawings
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Recently in my art/drawing class we have been drawing faces and (among other things) I have done two self portraits in the last couple weeks. Drawing self portraits is a very difficult thing to do. If you look at the self portraits of great artists, they don’t really look like the people who drew (or painted) them. In order for the drawing to actually look like you, you have to get every detail of the face right, including the shape of the eyes and the jaw line. The eyes and the jaw line were the hardest parts of the portrait for me.

Also, my parents suggested that I drew myself as I see myself and maybe other people see me differently. That way, when they see my interpretation of myself on paper, it does not really look like me to them. It could be that, but that sounds a little bit like psychology, and psychology isn’t my thing. Anyway, here are my two self portraits. By the way, on the first portrait, I followed the general guidelines a little too closely, and as a result, the shape of my face is wrong.

As always, if you have any advice or any criticism on either of the portraits, you can feel free to leave a comment. To me, anything is helpful, even my mom’s comment on my 2nd portrait, which was, “Your face looks dirty.” (If you want to compare the portraits to my actual face, there is a picture on the About Us page.)


First Self Portrait. Admittedly, this looks nothing like me.


Second self-portrait


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