What Happens To Trashday in Philadelphia When It Snows?

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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If you live in the suburbs, chances are that when it snows so much that your trash cannot be collected, it will be collected on the following day. In other words, the trash company makes up for the missed day.

In the city of Philadelphia, if it snows so much that your trash cannot be collected, guess what? You have to wait for the following week before it will be picked up. And in case you live in an apartment with no outside trash receptacles, that means you will being storing 2 weeks worth of trash inside your apartment.

What this means is that a lot of people cannot wait for 2 weeks before setting their trash outside and that means there is a lot of trash on the streets.

Well, we had snow last Monday and trash collecting in the city was cancelled. As we were walking around this weekend, that meant we happened upon lots of large piles of garbage. We can all be thankful it wasn’t hot or the smell might have become a little overpowering. Take a look at the pictures we took to see what living in Philadelphia after a snowstorm can look like.

By the way, we’ve always thought the city was on the disgusting side at times, but city dwellers always seem to not even notice it. This time, however, we actually heard a lady walking next to us who stated what we’ve always thought. She said, “This is disgusting!” 🙂

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