We don’t ever remember a time when we didn’t know who Michael Savage was. Our father was the one who used to listen to Mr. Savage in the car, driving us hither and thither. Michael Savage is hilarious, he has a huge ego,for some reason he has been banned from entering England, his theology is “interesting”, he has written numerous books, mostly nonfiction, and Michael Savage was into nutrition before it became the fad that it is today.

If you have never heard of Michael Savage, you should look him up. He is an interesting person. If you have heard of him but never heard him, you should listen to a few of his shows.

Michael Savage has given other talk radio show hosts endearing names and whether you listen to talk radio or not, whether you listen to Michael Savage or not, the names are very amusing. Here are the ones that are right on top of our heads:

The Leprechaun
The Golfer
The Hemorrhoid
Mr. Ketchup (not a talk show host)

And here is who Mr. Savage is referring to.

Bill O’Reilly (The Leprechaun)
Sean Hannity (Wallbanger)
Mark Levin (Squeaky)
Rush Limbaugh (The Golfer)
Glenn Beck (The Hemorrhoid)
John Kerry (Mr. Ketchup – also calls him Lurch)

The names are perfect don’t you think? Well, we aren’t supposed to make fun of people are we? One of our neighbors told us that nicknames were always given out of love. By the way, if you ever want to call the show, do NOT under any circumstances ask Michael Savage how he is doing. If he chews you out, you have been warned 🙂

UPDATE: Some more loving nicknames (not talk show hosts)

The Gobbler – Mitch McConnell
Clink (ice in glass before filling with alcoholic beverage) – John Boehner
Martha Washington (also calls her Blondie and Snow White) – Megyn Kelly
Woodpecker (also calls him Jake Lapper) – Jake Tapper
The Ice Cream Man – Marco Rubio
The Leg Crossers (also calls them The Lipstick Brigade) – FOX News Female Reporters
Curly – Rand Paul
The Bouncer From Rome – Pope Francis
The Human Salami – Rob Reiner
Meatloaf, Jr – Chris Wallace

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