Coming To A Church Near You

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Most of the churches in our area have American flags outside of the buildings. John and I are both too young to have taken notice, but these flags started appearing after the 9-11 attacks according to our parents. The flags we see are really big, almost obnoxiously big, and we think that they are not fitting inside or outside of churches.

What does the American flag have to do with the church? We heard that sometimes the Israeli flag is even hung in churches along with the American flag. Is that really appropriate? Christianity has nothing to do with patriotism for America or any other country for that matter. Our allegiance is to God alone. But what we really don’t understand is why they fly it. What is the motivation for it?

If the flags are supposed to be patriotic, that’s nice, but they don’t belong in church. Plus, the flags are so large around here that it is just confusing to us. Is God American? Do Christians have to be patriotic? If we are dissatisfied with our government, are we sinning? Why are they flying those tremendous American flags on flagpoles that are as wide as our kitchen table? Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated.

We are wondering if anyone else has noticed some very large US flags outside of churches in their neighborhoods. We think it’s weird and wish they would take them down.

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