February Sketches

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Dink's Drawings

Here are some of my latest drawings. Right now we are focusing on textures in class. In the following drawings, I used the following techniques: scumble, smudge, stipple, and gradation. Scumble is a kind of scribbly drawing technique; it’s good for drawing feathers on birds and needles on pine trees when you don’t want to draw every feather or needle. Smudge is exactly what it sounds like. You put lead down onto the paper and then smudge it. Smudge is good for drawing smooth objects, like marshmallows. I like to use a Q-tip for smudging. Stipple is a technique where you make a bunch of dots in order to show texture. Gradation is just shading. I’ve already shown you some drawings where I used gradation.

So anyway, all of these were fun to draw. I’m glad that we are learning texture, because that’s one of the things I wanted to learn before the semester began. By the way, the furry thing is a stuffed animal. It’s a little hard to tell. 🙂

  1. Libby says:

    These are very good. I love the ‘furry thing’!

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