So…. She is Comfortable With a Knife?

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We have heard a commercial several times advertising a website that sells knives for self defense. We copied down the commercial in the paragraph below.

“My husband’s the gun guy. I’ve just never felt comfortable with them. But these days, I know I need protection, and I found it at It fits my hand like a glove, plus it’s small enough to easily conceal and the piece of mind it gives me is unbeatable.”

We think that this commercial is a little ridiculous. Why do we think it is ridiculous? Because it is suggesting to women who are uncomfortable handling guns that they should have a knife for protection instead. It takes way more skill and strength to fight someone off with a knife than with a gun. For one thing, when using a knife, you have to be right next to the person you are defending yourself against. Also, as our mother said, if certain women are uncomfortable with guns, why would a knife be any different? Do they really think they could handle a knife in a dangerous situation better than a gun?

People who are afraid of guns have probably never handled one much less shot one. They have an irrational fear that the gun has a mind of its own. They think the gun might decide on its own to shoot them. The solution for this irrational fear is to have this person shoot a gun with a professional trainer. Then they will see that the gun is an inanimate object and nothing to be afraid of. It is not going to explode in your hand. It is not going to go off by itself.

In any case, we think the commercial is a little deceptive. If you go to the actual website, the video is good to watch and makes sense, especially with all the anti-gun laws threatening our 2nd amendment these days. This is the real reason we think they are promoting their knife – to offer people another weapon for self-defense should they have their guns taken from them. It’s the commercial we don’t like, because it suggests that a woman who doesn’t feel “comfortable” with a gun will be comfortable with a knife.

  1. You’re right about deceptive commercials, Jules. We’d like to take a self-defense class – it’s hard to fit in. Our 3 older siblings got their black belts in karate and did self-defense – but then circumstances changed when it might have been John’s and my turn. We think that whatever you do – self-defense, guns, knives, etc – the most important thing is that you train, train, train and to be in the best shape you can be in. And we agree – try to steer clear of trouble. 🙂

  2. julespaige says:

    So many commercials think we ‘the general public’ are dumb. How about that amazing miro-wave pasta pot thing. Oh, you could burn yourself with hot water if you boiled it on the stove. Not to mention the ads for medicine that say you can’t possibly live with a minor irritation, much less a common cold or remember a holiday by yourself so you need to be reminded about it (the holiday) two months ahead of time.

    I was just watching the Food Network this morning and there was a segment about kitchen gadgets.
    Really to we need one tool (that will do nothing else) to slice mushrooms uniformly? I kind of liked one of the hosts who used to have a show called ‘Good Eats’, Alton Brown disliked single task kitchen tools. The best kitchen tools….your clean hands.

    While I am not a gun owner. I know of guns. And it is quite true than it is not a gun that kills. It is the people pulling the trigger. But that can also be said for anything that is used in self defense be it a piece of string or a kitchen butter knife. The best defense is to not be in a situation that is suspect. While that may not always be possible – any worker male or female can (if an option) ask that a security guard at a place of business or work walk them to their car at night or even during the day. That is partly what they are getting paid for. Take a self defense class – that is so much better than carrying any weapon that can be taken from and used against you.

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