Recovering From a Retreat

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, I was at a retreat with our church. The retreat was held at Camp Sankanac in Pennsylvania. We basically played a lot of games and listened to four sermons (which were on the topic of doubt). One of the things the pastor stressed was that doubt is a common thing and is nothing new.

In between sermons, one of the games was called capture the flag, but the rules were different from the ones that our family is used to. There are two teams, the blue team and the black team. Each player has a belt tied around him with a flag attached to it. The two teams go out in groups of two (or more) and hunt other people and also white flags, which you can turn in for points. Before the game, people go out and place candy and flags around the field. If you encounter somebody of the opposite team you can fight them and try to get their flag. If you win, you take them to jail and are awarded points according to their grade. For instance, a seventh grader like me is worth ten points.

Once in jail, you can give the jailers candy and they might let you out. Otherwise, you have to dance or something else to get out (I had to dance 🙂 ). Whichever team has the most points at the end wins. The retreat was really fun, and since it is annual, I’ll probably try to go every year now. Hopefully I’ll get used to how tiring retreats are. I was so tired when we returned that it felt as if my brain was going to fall out of my head. It felt like the back of my head and my forehead were missing and my brain could just fall out. I was also moving so slow it seemed like the electrical signals going to my brain were slow in getting there. I’ve never been that tired before 🙂

by John

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