Posted: February 8, 2014 in Articles, Videos

A theremin is a musical instrument that John and I just recently discovered. If you have never heard of one, don’t feel bad. Our brother showed this video to us, and we decided to put it onto the blog because we think that it is very interesting and exceptional, not to mention beautiful when it is played well.

Here’s how the theremin works. Two antenna on the instrument create magnetic fields that the musician can use to play music. The pitch is changed by moving your hand closer to and further away from the antenna on the right. The closer you move your hand to the right-side antenna, the higher the pitch, and the further away you move your hand, the lower the pitch.

The volume is changed in the same way, except you use the antenna on the left. The closer your hand is to the antenna, the softer the sound is, and the further you move it away, the louder the sound. The theremin was invented in 1920 in Soviet Russia.

We think that it is a very cool instrument and we also think it’s interesting that it was invented almost 100 years ago. It seems pretty advanced for 1920. Enjoy the video!

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s fascinating. I have never heard of that!

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