People Should Think For Themselves

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Articles

On Tuesday January 28th, the Southeastern United States was hit with winter weather that consisted of ice and less than three inches of snow. The storm caused a great deal of disturbance in Atlanta, in particular. Schools and businesses stayed open until Tuesday afternoon when the storm began. Then, everybody was released and the major roads were jammed with vehicles. People slept overnight in their cars, hundreds of students slept in their school buses, and thousands of other students slept in their schools. It is interesting to see how icy conditions can immobilize a city. Farther north, where cities are used to winter weather, this storm would not have been much of a problem.

The problem was that the city was largely not prepared. Very few preparations were made prior to the storm. Businesses and schools were not closed and apparently at least some of the roads were not given chemicals to melt the ice. Closing public buildings prior to the storm would probably have been a good course of action. At the very least, it would have helped if people had been let out gradually, rather than all at once. The governor was under the impression that the storm would not even hit Atlanta because of weather forecasts. Only the day before the storm did the National Weather Service warn that the weather would hinder travel greatly, making it “difficult or impossible”. With mixed reports coming in, the governor did not want to close businesses and have nothing happen.

We’d like to point out that people should not have to wait for the government to declare emergencies and close buildings. Do they not know how to act on their own? Most people own a computer with internet. That means that most people can look at the weather forecast and decide whether or not their job or school is worth a drive on ice-covered roadways. Do people seriously need to wait for “officials” to pay attention to the weather forecast for them and give them a plan of action? People should learn to act of their own accord rather than always having to be told what to do the way a toddler must always be directed by his parents.

Anyway, come back tomorrow. We are going to show you something we did not know about at all. Perhaps you don’t know about it at all either. It’s interesting, and it’s beautiful (to us).

Information about the snow storm taken from an article published by AP on January 29, 2014. Written by David Crary and Ray Henry. The article is entitled, “Snow, ice send South’s flagship city reeling“.

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