One Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Articles, Videos

For some time now, people have been creating storms using chemicals. For example, in 2009, Chinese scientists created a snow storm over Beijing, the capitol of China. Recently, we’ve seen a slew of youtube videos claiming that the snow which recently fell in their area was fake. People gather some newly fallen snow, bring it into their homes, and hold lighters directly under the chunk of snow. The snow does not melt, but rather turns black and disappears slowly and gradually. We were wondering if there was any validity to their claims that the snow we’ve been having lately was fake. We decided to experiment a little.

In this video, you see us using a lighter right under the snow. The snow turned black and no water appeared. It also smelled somewhat like rubber. Hmmm. Just like the youtube videos. We then used the blowtorch on the snow (we got the idea from a man on youtube. He claimed that the snow did not produce any water when the blowtorch was applied to his snow clump). When we applied the blowtorch, the snow melted, turning into water, and no blackness appeared. Since the lighter and the blowtorch produced two different results, we decided to experiment with an ice cube from the freezer. We held the lighter to the ice cube, and while it did melt, parts of it turned black just like the snow.

We deduced the snow turns black because of the fuel from the lighter. For one thing, the blackness smells like the fuel from the lighter. However, we couldn’t figure out why water didn’t come from the snow when we used the lighter. The only explanation we could think of is that the snow absorbed the water. Anyway, we think it’s one conspiracy theory debunked šŸ™‚ We’re pretty sure that the snow around our house is real snow. If you’d like to see the YouTube videos that inspired us to do our experiment, click here.

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