It’s Not Just Drippy Outside

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been snowing quite a lot in Philadelphia recently and oddly enough, even when it was single-digit degrees, our roof started leaking. In the past, we’ve had major leaks in our loft, our kitchen, and our hallway. Our father fixed the ceiling and walls after our landlady eventually got the roof fixed. This time, the leak sprung right on top of Niles’ dresser. We had to put pots under the steady leaks and cover the areas surrounding them with towels so that the rug wouldn’t get wet. They were pretty bad leaks, and the pots had to be emptied every few hours, but they finally stopped.

It’s always funny to see how long our landlady takes to fix the problems in the apartment. After the roof started leaking, our father called and let her know. She said she would send someone over the following morning. Of course, no one came, but our neighbor is the brother of our landlady, so whenever there’s a problem with our apartment, he tries to help in whatever way he can. This time, Niles said he could hear him throwing salt on our roof. He said he could hear the salt hitting the windows. He was doing this because the ice on the roof was blocking the gutters, which is why our roof was leaking.

Well, the roof continued to leak, so our father called the landlady again. She said someone would come the following morning. She sent her brother. He looked at the damaged wall and the damaged ceiling. He said he would send a man to fix everything later in the week – last week. Of course no one came. It’s fine because the roof isn’t currently leaking and our father will probably wind up fixing the ceiling and the wall.

It’s just funny how some people say they are going to do something and then they don’t. It’s also funny how we know our landlady isn’t going to do anything. We just smile and laugh and say, “Oh that Debbie….”

We got some pictures of the dresser because it looked kind of funny with pots all over it 🙂 All the towels had been removed. We hope the leaks don’t start again with the new snow storms in the forecast.

  1. Libby says:

    Still no snow here. Hope you get your roof fixed soon.

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