The US Is Not Guilty Unless Everyone Else Is Too

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Articles
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People have always had slaves, from ancient times until the present. Some of the first people who traded slaves were Africans who realized they could make a lot of money. Then, when English people came to Africa, those traders knew they could make even more money by selling slaves to the white men. People in Africa had slaves, people in England had slaves, people in the Caribbean had slaves, and people the United States had slaves – both the North and the South. We have been hearing about William Wilberforce and his great struggle to put an end to the slave trade and he eventually succeeded after many years and many failures. Interestingly enough, the United States is the only country that had a war to stop it.

In fact, every country that has done away with slavery has done so without a war – except for the United States. The truth is, the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it was ultimately about money and power (as usual). People say the Civil War was about slavery, but if the United States had only wanted to get rid of slavery, it could have done that without fighting a war just as other countries had done. Abraham Lincoln didn’t think anything about black people. He wanted to ship them all out of the country and worked off and on throughout his life on trying to accomplish just that.

We’ve noticed that the United States is the only country that is ever found guilty of the great crime of slavery. Even though a lot of other countries have had slaves, they aren’t ever considered guilty. Oh – unless they are countries made up of the evil white man. Then perhaps people will include their country with the US as one of the guilty. But if other countries aren’t found guilty for the crime of once upon a time having slavery exist within their borders, then the United States shouldn’t be either. If other races aren’t found guilty for once upon a time holding slaves, then neither should the “white devil”.

And lest someone think we are defending the horrific practice of slavery, we aren’t.

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