Do NOT Put Lettuce in Your Smoothie!

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Our mother was given a Vitamix blender this Christmas, and it makes really good smoothies. In case you don’t know, the Vitamix blender is a very powerful appliance, capable of blending much more than frozen fruit. Besides smoothies, you can make soups, batters, dough, and other foods with it. The smoothies we make are pretty filling, so if you want to lose weight, you can drink one before a meal in the hopes that you’ll eat less – that’s what our parents are doing at least.

For a while, we contented ourselves to making smoothies with just berries (plus other fruit) and yogurt, but then it was decided upon to add a few spinach leaves to make the smoothies more “nutritious”. In our defense, this was our parents’ idea, not ours. Actually, the spinach smoothies were not that bad, but they had an odd color and John and I didn’t like them.

John and I do like lettuce though, so we thought that we’d put lettuce in one time to see if it would work out better than the spinach. This was not a good idea. Lettuce smoothies are terrible. The taste of lettuce was surprisingly overwhelming and disgusting as well. Compared to our creation, the spinach smoothies were great (you can’t taste the spinach at all).

John & I should probably be careful about following through with our ideas in the kitchen. Our last horrible creation was fried bread.

  1. Totally agree – it’s touch to disguise the taste of lettuce! Spinach and kale contain more nutrients anyways, so it’s all good!

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