Appalachian Outlaws

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We got bored. We searched for something to watch on the History Channel. We discovered a new show entitled Appalachian Outlaws. This show is about people in Appalachia who dig ginseng roots and sell them. It is big business, and people can get $1000 per pound! This may sound like an extremely boring and uneventful show, but there are things in it that make it pretty interesting. For instance, since ginseng roots are so valuable, people who have ginseng on their property have problems with poachers who think nothing of stealing another’s property. There is this one guy in West Virginia who sets lots of booby traps in his woods for them. This kind of makes it interesting. All in all, the show is pretty good.

We have noticed that most of the shows we have watched and enjoyed have Southerners in them. Mudcats, Appalachian Outlaws, Duck Dynasty (the first season is pretty good), Top Shot (a lot of the people who go onto that show are Southern), and Swamp People. The fact is, if they made a show about northerners, particularly northeasterners, nobody would watch it. Who wants to watch someone getting up, eating some healthy breakfast, getting into some fancy gear, getting on public transportation which takes them to an office, and then coming home at night after stopping off at a gym or a bar? In general, northerners do not do anything worth filming. It’s Southerners who lead the colorful and interesting lives and that’s why people can make TV shows about them. They sound great, they do great and fun things, and they know a lot of useful things too. They can also shoot really well.

Anyway, if you want to watch Appalachian Outlaws, you can find the show on History where new shows come on every Thursday at 10/9 central.

  1. julespaige says:

    The H2 channel has some interesting programs. There is a show about slang and how it came to be incorporated in our everyday use. I just watch a show last night about how there were possibly a few different peoples to have ‘discovered’ America before Columbus. Although I think only those who were actually first here (there) can say that. All the rest are just visitors who came later. Including Leif Erickson – The show put up a strong case for both Asian and Polynesian as well as other Europeans arriving hundreds (or more) years before those two explorers.

    Top Shot is cool. But some of these shows just move too slow. Repeating the same thing so many times that it is almost like a soap opera that you can skip for several years and tune in and have not missed anything at all.

    Northerners might get up and go to the office. But some might also be scientists in labs finding the next cure for cancer. Not great for filming but still a bit news worthy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lol – you have a point there, Jules, about northerners ๐Ÿ™‚ You also sound like our sisters who hate some of the shows we like. They say, “How can you watch that?!? They do the same thing on every show!” We still like them though. We also like to go fishing even if we don’t catch anything.

      • julespaige says:

        Another good thing to use a fishing pole for…
        flying kites ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Derek says:

        y’all still can’t let the whole north vs south thing go.there’s a billion lake’s and river’s up here,thousand’s of mountain’s.snow,a coast that’s got thousand’s of island’s,there’s huge deer up here.we have the best sea food,people want MAINE lobster.I’ve seen you southerner’s come up here to live before,you alway’s go back’s 2 below zero right now,and we have gotten over 100 inche’s of snow so far this winter.I’ve known people that moved down south,they alway’s come back.southern hospitality is reserved only for other southerner’s,remember that were all AMERICAN’S.were too busy working up here to be bothered with doing tv show’s,there’s alot of staged BS in those show’s anyway.I do like “y’all” though,it cover’s everything.

      • Hi Derek. You make some good points. Just a few weeks ago I was in New Jersey and was very shocked to see it wasn’t so bad looking after all; there were farms and some beautiful small churches, etc.

        The thing about the north is, most non-northerners equate it with the worst big cities and the people who inhabit those cities. That’s wrong, but that’s what happens.

        And we know a lot of things in tv shows are staged.

        Southern hospitality maybe isn’t extended to non-Southerners as much any more because a lot of Southerners are tired of people from the north invading their land and wanting to change how Southerners live. It would be the same way for northerners if people from the South came up and wanted to change their way of living. Thing about it is that most Southerners never want to live in the north, but a lot of northerners want to take advantage of living in the South. You say some go back north, okay. But many, many do not go back up. If they loved the South and “became Southern”, it would be okay – but many do not. They hate the South and want to change it.

        Same thing when people come from other countries. We would like for them to come because they love America and want to become Americans. We don’t want them to come because they hate America and want to change it – do we?

        Anyway, thanks for your comments. Appreciate hearing from you. By the way, we are not Southerners having been born in the miserable state of Maryland; however, our parents are and are just waiting to get back home – so loving the South and Southerners has definitely rubbed off on us.

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