Today is a Very Sad Day

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Articles
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Today is a sad day because yesterday a court ruled that two policemen were not guilty of beating and killing a homeless man named Kelly Thomas. The two policemen, named Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos, beat and killed Kelly back in 2011 but were told they did nothing criminal yesterday. The jury came back after only 8 hours of deliberating and said they were “not guilty”.

There are videos and images floating around the internet of the entire attack and its results on Mr. Thomas, and it is all pretty sickening. We say, woe to these ignorant and evil policemen. Every life is seen by the One above and even if you escape judgment in this world, you will not escape it in the next. So woe to those who do evil. A policeman does not need to beat a person to death to take him into custody, and it’s an ignorant policeman who tases a person while simultaneously screaming at them to “stop resisting”.

One defense attorney agreed with the ruling saying, “These peace officers were doing their jobs. They did what they were trained to do.” If they are “peace” officers and they only did what they were trained to do, then the people in this country had better wake up!


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