Cyclops CYC-9WS Review

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Reviews
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Yesterday, our neighbor’s horse and goats got out again. Since they usually run into our backyard, they gave us a call to see if we could see them out there. The sun had already gone down so I ran outside with my dad’s Sirius spotlight. The full name of the spotlight is Cyclops CYC-9WS. It has a far-reaching LED beam (240 lumens), as well as a low light setting for closer in. There is also a handy locking system that keeps the trigger pulled for you in case you want to shine the light for long periods of time (it runs for three hours on high power). The Cyclops uses an internal rechargeable battery, and it comes with both a home and a car charger.

Our dad loves this light because the bright beam will reach all the way across our yard and light up every corner. He says it is a great light to have around the house or in the car in case of emergencies; it gives plenty of light for any job. He also says the low light setting is great in case you want a standard flashlight that will not wake everyone up.

We like to play with it like a gun. The trigger and bright flash reminds us of a laser tag weapon. Lastly, it will be a great addition to our camping trips, and we are looking forward to trying it out this spring. This spotlight is really good and can be bought here.

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