Is Torture Ever Justified?

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Articles
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Ibrahim Idris, a former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, also known as Gitmo, was released on December 19, 2013, and sent home via a U.S. military plane. After he arrived there, he spoke briefly about his eleven-year imprisonment at Gitmo, saying that he and others were “subjected to meticulous, daily torture.” The prisoners that occupy Gitmo are alleged terrorists, with some being captured from Afghanistan or Iraq. A handful of the prisoners at Gitmo are accused of being a part of the 9/11 attacks. Even so, the U.S. is wrong. The torture inflicted upon the prisoners at Gitmo is not justified and at the very least is a denial of protection under the Geneva Conventions.

The most important reason that the proceedings at Guantanamo Bay is not justified is simply because torture is wrong. It is wrong for a government to torture people. If one does, it is no better than the criminals it is torturing. When you think of a government that tortures people, countries like North Korea and China come to mind. In other words, countries with very corrupt, immoral governments are the only ones that torture people. Or, think about it this way. If it was found out that a government previously held in high esteem was torturing people, most individuals would lose all respect for that government. In the case of Gitmo, there is no justification for the torturing of prisoners. The fact that they are terrorists or accused of terrorism does not even matter. Torture is inhumane and is never justified.

To make things worse, the prisoners at Gitmo are being held there without trial and without any charge. The U.S. is not giving them trials or setting them free. Instead, the U.S. government is holding people from other countries in a prison and torturing them.

America will be paid back for her crimes. That’s a scary thing to think about, but it’s just the way the world works.

by Dink

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