A lot of people in our family received coffee as Christmas gifts. They got the following kinds of coffee: Godiva Pumpkin Spice, Godiva Hazelnut Creme, Yes! Organic Market Pumpkin Spice, Stumptown Coffee, and Wake up America Patriot Blend.

John and I really like the Wake up America coffee. It comes in whole beans, so you have to grind them up before you can brew coffee. The coffee that it makes is very good. It has a full rich flavor and it tastes very real.

There is so much selection these days among coffee brands and flavors that it can be difficult to choose. The coffee listed above is all good, although John and I have only tasted the Wake up America coffee. In general, we aren’t really encouraged to drink coffee. We know that the rest of the coffee is good because our parents and/or siblings said that they thought it was. If you don’t like the coffee you are currently drinking, perhaps you can try one of these.

By the way, the coffee our parents were drinking was Wawa’s Hazelnut or Pumpkin Spice, Community Coffee & Chicory, and Folgers Classic Roast. All of them weren’t great coffees (especially since some of them had been sitting around for quite some time), and most of the time, our parents would mix some of the coffees together hoping it would taste better but maybe making them taste even worse. When they had their first cup of Wake Up America coffee, they couldn’t believe how good it tasted!

Happy New Year! Maybe you’ll be needing some good coffee in the morning šŸ™‚

  1. Jeff says:

    We use a Kuerig coffee maker. We like Folger’s Black Silk, and I like some flavored coffees, my favorite being Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog. I also like Hazelnut Creme.

    • Hi Jeff. We don’t have a Kuerig coffee maker, but I think our grocery store carries Green Mountain coffee that comes in grounds. The next time we run out of flavored coffee, we might pick up some Green Mountain and try it out.

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