This Makes It All Worth It

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A few days ago our dad won an award at his job for doing good work and helping with a project. One might expect our dad’s employer to give him a little bonus money or something similar as a reward, but instead they gave him two cookies. The cookies aren’t even good; they’re really stale.DSCF1008[1]

The company definitely has enough money to provide workers with more than cookies. Besides, giving away cookies as a reward seems like something that would happen in kindergarten.

Anyway, now we can see what kind of rich rewards are out there for us if we work really hard. On the bright side, we were given something to laugh about and as Mark Twain wrote in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer a good laugh is “money in a man’s pocket”. In the end, I guess you could say my dad’s employers did pay him in a way, although they probably don’t realize it.

by Dink

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