Building a Snowman

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After Sunday’s snow, it snowed again today and accumulated another 3 or 4 inches. Since school was out, we had time to go outside and play. When Dink and I go out into the snow, we usually want to build snow forts and then proceed to peg each other with snowballs, but unfortunately when we do that, the forts take hours to build and by then we’re cold, tired, and hungry. Then we go in, drink some hot cocoa, and decide, “Well, we don’t really want to go back outside. Besides, our forts will still be there tomorrow.” But the next day the sun usually comes out and melts our forts.

So since we didn’t want to spend several hours of the day making snow forts that would never get used, we decided to build a snowman. We wanted to make him pretty big, and when we got done, we gave him a mouth, buttons, eyes, a nose, arms, and even some hair!

He looks pretty good from a distance, but when you get closer Dink and I think he looks just a little creepy. Anyway, we got some pictures of the snowman and some pictures of the snow and we hope you like them!

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