Crisscross In The Sky

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We have researched chemtrails, which is a part of GeoEngineering, and have even written an article about it (Raising Awareness on GeoEngineering). It seems like pilots are now trying more than ever to spray so that their metal clouds will look real, but they are aren’t doing a very good job. Whenever we see the so-called chemtrails, we think, “Don’t people notice that those ‘trails’ spread out and make the sky look hazy?” and “How could anybody possibly believe those are real cloud formations?” The GeoEngineered clouds look thoroughly fake, especially the cirrus they try to create. For one thing, the “clouds” are always too low in the sky to be real, and they are not shaped the right way. We even saw one that looked like a DNA strand 🙂

On several days, early in the morning, we have looked outside and seen beautiful blue. The kind of clear, blue sky you often see in the fall. Then, we start seeing lines. Then we watch the lines spread and then we notice that the beautiful blue sky has been destroyed and replaced with a dull whitish-gray haze.

Can people really not see the crisscross lines? Do they really think commercial airplanes fly wherever DSCF0705they want and crisscross each other up there? Do they really think that contrails last all day long and spread out? A contrail is just condensation, so they dissipate. As further proof that these planes are not leaving contrails, Dink got a picture with two planes in it: one leaving a trail that dissipated, and the other leaving a trail that did not.

We got three pictures of the sky over our back yard on November 30, just a few days ago. The first picture was taken at 7:44 AM, the second picture was taken at 8:54 AM, and thee final picture was taken at 10:21 AM.

One time we came home very late at night. There was a full moon out, so we could see the sky. Guess what? Crisscrossing going on at night time too.

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