All Hail Duck Dynasty

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Articles
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Apparently there was a surprise, an upset, in Louisiana on November 16, 2013, when a man named Vance McAllister won a congressional seat in that state’s 5th district. He had the support of Phil and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, a TV “reality” show on A&E (Last Thought About Duck Dynasty). Consequently, some have surmised that he won by the votes of Duck Dynasty fans.

Now we do not know who this man is or what he stands for and we aren’t saying anything negative about Phil or Willie Robertson. We aren’t really saying anything about the vote at all.

What we are saying is that if it is true that this man won by the votes of Duck Dynasty fans, then people really need to make sure they are standing on their own two feet. Now, some people probably did their homework and agreed that voting this man in would be in the country’s best interest, but we probably aren’t too far off to assume that a percentage voted for McAllister because and only because the Robertsons supported him. Is that bad?

We think so.

Duck Dynasty is hugely popular. Football stars are hugely popular. Pop stars are hugely popular. Movie stars are hugely popular. All too often, people latch on to some popular person’s belief system without thinking if what they are now believing is true or not. It’s how people are so easily led to the slaughter in many ways.

We want to tell people to make sure that they are doing their own research and using their own brains to come up with their own opinions. Then, when in doubt, sure, look to those you admire to see what types of reasons they give for believing what they believe. It’s just too easy to jump on someone else’s wagon without thinking. John and I want to take care that we always try our best to use our own brains first.

One place we got our information:, but you can search on “Vance McAllister Phil Robertson” and find many more.

  1. Andy Oldham says:

    Profound thoughts! Are you sure your just kids? God bless you! Andy

    • We are kids, but we listen and learn from a lot of adults 🙂

      • Andy Oldham says:

        I was raised
        In LA but live in MS now. I like Duck Dynasty, but my thoughts were much like yours when I heard what they did. I didn’t Like it either. When you think
        About it most politicians seek these celebrity endorsements. I wish we would just get together and make America what it’s supposed to be! Have a great weekend!

      • Dink and I think so too: people should reform America. And actually, we would like to be in the generation that helps to do just that.

      • Andy Oldham says:

        Hey, that’s wonderful! I’m from the Hippy generation and we kind of messed things up! Sorry! Viet Nam did it for me! When you get a chance tell me your plans to save us, if you have any laid out yet. I’ll add them to my prayer list.
        God Bless you both! Hope someday you will run for office and make the changes necessary to
        Put us back on track!

      • First of all, sorry to hear you were in Vietnam. That must have been horrible and we don’t have anything else to say about that because there’s too much to say about that. For us, no plans laid out. We do know that if the country keeps going the way it is going, it is us kids who are going to really suffer for it. I guess we already are going to…. What we are trying to do is to educate ourselves and to listen and learn from adults we trust. We stay away from tv and the computer for the most part. We know those things are a waste of time and a distraction from reality. We reject what is being pushed on us by the powers that be. We read our Bibles and go to church and stay close to our family. If you ever want to pray for us, pray that we won’t get stupid when/if we go to college and that we will have discernment and courage to do whatever comes our way. Peace out 🙂

      • Andy Oldham says:

        You are right on track my friends! I Thank God for you and others like you! You are our future and the future of the Church! My concern has been for you in my blog. I desire that grandfathers continue to teach the younger generation and that your generation will listen to the older generations guidance. You are doing just that! Thank you! One thing you might consider is starting your own ezine or even your blog to reach out to those other young people. You write so well. For me, I will support you in prayer and encouragement no matter what you do! God bless you my new young friends!

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