Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning Review

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Reviews
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DSCF0766We usually write reviews of things we like; however, this time, we are writing a review about a product we aren’t 100% crazy about. For those people who do not find the idea of taking an iodine supplement appealing, they may want to try to get their iodine allowance through foods they eat instead. Celtic Sea Salt® Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning is a product which is naturally high in iodine. We like that this salt has iodine in it and that we can season our food with it. Unfortunately, we don’t really like the taste of seaweed on most of our food. In fact, we really only like the taste of seaweed when we are actually eating it.

Since we don’t like the taste of seaweed on our food, we usually only put this seasoning on food where strong flavors will drown out any seaweed taste from this salt. For instance, we would not put this seasoning on eggs. That would taste bad to us.

If you like the flavor of seaweed, then you will probably find this product to be very enjoyable. Otherwise, you might not like it so much. Based on the fact that this product is a natural source of iodine, we would rate it a 10 on a scale from one to ten. But as far as the actual taste and use of the product, I would rate it a 3. Dink can’t rate it yet because he hasn’t had any.

by John

  1. Thank you, Andy. We’ll look it up. Enjoyed your bb gun story 🙂

  2. Andy Oldham says:

    I think I’ll leave it on the shelf! Lol

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