Need a Candle? You Probably Already Have One

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Articles
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We’d like to ask you this question: what do these four items have in common?

The answer is that they can all be candles. Of course, two of them are literal candles, but the other two also make great candles. Chances are, you have an excellent candle in your house and you didn’t even know it! You can click on the link below to find some great ideas for making emergency candles.

This article was interesting for us because it showed that you can make candles out of Crisco, sardine oil, or really any kind of oil or wax. Here’s another great candle you can make easily out of old wax, a tin can, and some cardboard:

On one episode of the Discovery Channel hit show, “Survivorman”, Les Stroud uses a single Frito to start a fire. Of course, it was the oil in the Frito that helped it light.

We love it when people find ways to do all sorts of unexpected things. They are using their brains to get the results they want. Who would have thought that you could burn any kind of oil to make a candle? Instead, we usually run to the store to purchase a “candle”. Making necessities out of everyday items really appeals to us and we really admire folks who think “what if… what if we couldn’t get to a store, or what if the store is sold out of what I need?” and then proceed to figure out a way to get the same results with their ingenuity.

We hope you enjoy the video and also the makeshift candles in the link we provided. We sure did!

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