Gavin Seim, American Pictorialist

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Articles
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Today, we discovered Gavin Seim. You can see his work on his website: That’s all great, but what we actually are interested in is this person’s YouTube videos. We are interested in the videos that don’t have anything to do with his art.

Mr. Seim has taped several encounters at check points inside the US, not at the border. They are very interesting to watch. He seems very relaxed, confident, and in control as he flusters and aggravates the people manning the check point. It is also very interesting to read people’s comments to his taped encounters. Some people say he’s great; some people say he’s a moron. We think he’s right, but admittedly, there is a tiny bit of doubt. Not much, but enough – so that if we were ever stopped, we don’t know if we could have his kind of confidence. You know, you have to really believe – you have to know – that you are right, or you don’t have the 100% confidence you need to get away unscathed.

This is the video we were watching: If you are an American and you are concerned about what is happening in our country, you may want to watch some of Gavin’s videos. They will make you think – if you are willing to think.

  1. Libby says:

    You’ve whetted my appetite – must go and watch!

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