Mean People Suck

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well, the title says it all. When we hear about some of the things people do, we ask each other, “What kind of person would do that?!?” Watching people in the city blare their car horns at people who are just trying to park their cars and are in the way, we ask each other, “What is that person’s problem? She just needs to park her car and the people honking probably get in the way when they are parking too.” The other day while walking on the ant path in Philadelphia (Schuylkill River Path), a bike rider intentionally rode so close to our father and Dink, he practically hit them. There was no reason to because there was no one on the other side of the path. He could have comfortably gone around. They also ring their sissy bells to let all know they are coming so they don’t have to slow down and everyone will clear the path for their almighty selves.

The other day, we saw a bumper sticker on a man’s car. We don’t care for a lot of bumper stickers, but this one was good.

It simply said “Mean People Suck”.  There’s not much else to say there because they just do.

  1. Somehow I always considered the bells the bikers use as they come up behind you on a trail as a courtesy to let you know they are there. The bikers riding along country roads with no shoulder and no room for them that refuse to move over if they come across a driveway or crossroad no matter how many cars are stuck behind them are a different story though. No consideration at all. Worst ever one time a pair of them riding side by side would actually move over so cars could not get by at every wide spot in the road and then when arriving at the entrance to a bike path refused to use it and stayed in the road with a very long line of cars stuck behind them. Talk about mean people. That’s the sort you just want to unroll the window and yell “Get a car” when you finally manage to get around them.

    • Yes – most people do use their bells as a courtesy, and we appreciate those people and even thank them. Somehow you can tell when a person is using their bell to say “Get out of my way and fast”. They ding them a lot in rapid succession and they are also the people who whiz past you in a huff, some hollering at you to move over.

      Your story of the people riding side-by-side would really try anyone’s patience! Self-righteous bicyclists are losers haha.

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