Well, the leaves have fallen off all our trees now, we turned our clocks back, we’ve cleaned our wood stove, our dad has chopped a good supply of wood, Halloween is over, and apples have been picked, so we know things are going to get chilly now and days will be short again and we’ll be inside more. It’s fall and it’s time to do fall kinds of things.

Today, I raked a lot of leaves. We have one maple tree in our back yard, and two in our front yard, and they are all pretty big. As you can imagine, these make a lot of leaves, so there’s lots to rake. After we rake the leaves, we put them in garbage pails and dump them all into our garden. The pictures just show a few trips worth to the garden. After we have the whole garden covered, we will till them in lightly. Then next year, before we begin our garden, we’ll till them in completely. We cover our garden with leaves for several reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that the earthworms really love it and come stay in our garden. They help make our soil much nicer.

While raking leaves, I came across three mushrooms with spongy bottoms. Upon trying to identify them, I found pictures of mushrooms that look like the ones we found. I think the type of mushroom is a goldstalk (boletus ornatipes). DSCF0704It is a non-poisonous mushroom which you can eat; however, I’m no expert, so I won’t be doing that.

As I was working, it became rather nippy, so I dressed pretty warmly. I had on a hoody, long pants, a hat, and a scarf. I knitted my scarf all by myself a couple of years ago when my grandmother came to visit. For some reason, every one of us children made a scarf (except my oldest brother who was in Peru at the time). It’s actually really warm, since it’s yarn, and warm scarves are a good thing to have if it is a windy, cold day.

If you have any leaves to rake, have fun with it! It’s a lot better than having to work inside 🙂

by John

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