Answers to 5th Grade Science Quiz ~ Birds and Fish

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I’m sorry for the delay on putting these up – I forgot about them. But anyway, here they are, even if they are a little late.

1. To start, list the five classes of vertebrates, and indicate whether they are warmblooded or coldblooded.

Class                                                                 Warmblooded or Coldblooded

1.  Mammals                                                    6. Warmblooded

2.  Birds                                                           7. Warmblooded

3.  Reptiles                                                       8. Coldblooded

4. Fish                                                              9. Coldblooded

5. Amphibians                                                 10. Coldblooded

2. Fill in the blank: write the correct bird/term for the description.

Ostrich               11. largest bird

Birds of Paradise 12. birds from New Guinea whose beauty few other birds can match

Hornbills             13. birds that wall themselves up in nests

Hummingbird      14. only bird that hovers

Peregrine Falcon  15. bird that has an air diving speed of 220 miles per hour or more

Swim Bladder      16. the organ in a fish that works like an inner tube

Bony                   17. the most common group of fish

True/False: write true or false in the blank.

18. True     Cartilaginous fish must keep moving in order to stay afloat.

19. True    One reason why amphibians are classified in a separate group from fish is that amphibians can live on land during part of their lives and fish cannot.

20. True    One reason why birds are classified in a separate group from mammals is that birds have feathers instead of hair.

21. False    One reason why amphibians are classified in a separate group from reptiles is that amphibians are coldblooded vertebrates.

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