Nothing New Under The Sun

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Articles
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Here are some excerpts from Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis, the book that I am currently reading. The setting is a tea house in the city of Chungking. A speaker is standing on a table screaming about communist principles, trying to get the people in the tea house riled up. Aside from the speaker, the characters in the dialogue are a farmer and an onlooker. I wanted to show how the things that communists said in China are being said in America today.

The first two paragraphs are the communist speaker talking.

“For this reason, Workers of the World, are you oppressed. You bend your backs willingly to the burdens your masters, the rich and powerful, press upon them! You speak no word of complaint! Whether you spend your strength to seize that which is rightfully yours, or whether you continue as slaves and your children as slaves, is your affair. To show men the way to freedom is ours. If they will not heed, that is their loss!

When your crops fail, pay no rent! Should your landlord eat when your own rice bowl is empty? In that day when land shall belong to all, crops will be shared equally; no man will have more than another. Take from the rich and give to the poor – that is our doctrine. Only in that way will the world become free.”

Rakishly, an onlooker nudged him [the farmer]. “Pay no rent! Take Landlord Dsong’s land from him! You will soon be rich.”

The other shook his head. “It is a wild doctrine,” he said. “Landlord Dsong does not cause drought…Affairs are bad enough as they are. Nor do I wish to share the fruits of my toil with my neighbors. Does T’sen, who plants two crops a year in the field adjoining mine, deserve as much as I who spend effort in cultivating five?”

The communist was trying to get the people in the tea shop to hate rich people. He wants them to believe that there should be no rich people. That way, everyone will be equal and there will be freedom. That obviously does not make any sense. In a free country, if a person works hard, he will be rewarded. Why should wealthy people have their hard-earned money taken from them? It is too bad that the Chinese fell for all the lies or didn’t fight hard enough for the truth – as so many have in the past and continue to do at present.

These excerpts are but a tiny portion of the book, but I thought it was interesting that the things people argue about today have been argued about before. I really enjoy reading this book and would rate it a “10”. Click here if you want to purchase it.

by John and Dink

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