Last Thought About Duck Dynasty

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Articles

Well, we watched our 5th or 6th episode of Duck Dynasty last night and it will probably be our last. The episode we watched had Willie’s niece and nephew in his brand new truck with him and he had bought them both some ice cream and hot dogs. By the end of the trip, they had dumped their ice cream all over the seat and were playing in it, making a ridiculous mess in the truck.

Kids are stupid sometimes, but they wouldn’t do this and even if they did, what adult would put up with it long enough for the kids to wreck their truck?

Starting a while ago, we had our suspicions about this show. We thought that the directors probably told people to do and say certain things. We have now confirmed that the show is completely scripted (it’s obvious) and therefore fake and boring. And if it isn’t scripted…. well, we don’t want to watch such stupid people.

We just wanted to write one last time about this show since we had kind of said it was good.

It isn’t.

~Dink and John

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