National Mall vs Independence Hall 10/13/2013

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Articles
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Yesterday, we excitedly looked at pictures of the veterans tearing down the ridiculous barricades around the WWII, Vietnam Veterans, and Lincoln Memorials in Washington DC. We also saw how silly the police looked as they confronted the people who were protesting in a very non-violent way.

As is often the case, we were in the wrong place – we were in Philadelphia. If we had been in Maryland, we could have gone on down to DC to join in with the protesters.

Since we were in Philadelphia anyway, we decided to see what was going on around Independence Hall with the government “shut down”. We went down there and saw nothing but guards and barricades. As we have already pointed out in a previous article, if the federal government can pay people to keep Americans out of parks, then surely people can be paid to keep the park running. There were some people taking pictures and walking around outside of the barricades but it was a very sparse crowd. Perhaps the crowd was sparse because of the Philadelphia Outfest that took place over the weekend. There were a lot of city blocks devoted to the “celebration” and there were a lot of unintelligent and odd-looking people around.

So, while good American citizens were protesting the actions of the federal government in DC, there were a bunch of people up in Philadelphia celebrating nothing. Independence Hall, the birthplace of our Constitution, is closed. We can no longer enter it, but have to look at ugly barricades and guards. We were kind of hoping that the people of Philadelphia might protest against the government like the veterans and other good Americans were doing down in DC, but we realize that this won’t happen. The people of Philadelphia care more about “coming out” than they care about the Constitution. We have lived in Philadelphia for two years and we realize that this is what a lot of the people here are like. It is pretty disappointing.

Well anyway, we’ve included pictures of the police and barricades in Philadelphia around Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell, and also a couple of the Outfest thing. Hope you like the pictures!

by Dink and John

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