Liars Are Losers

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Articles
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We’ve noticed that whenever there is something that doesn’t make sense or whenever there are a lot of inconsistencies, that liars are at work. Liars don’t make sense, and in order to avoid admitting their lie, they have to lie again, and as a result they are very inconsistent.

Where there is truth, everything is in order. One can logically follow from one point to the next, because honest people don’t lie. As a result, everything makes sense and there is no inconsistency.

Where there are lies, the opposite is true.

We were thinking about what the person in the White House has been doing with closing national parks during his theater “shut down”. We were going to go over to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to take some photos of the mean and scary looking guards who are surely there. Then we thought – if they can guard the park to keep criminal Americans and others out, surely they can keep the park open and let those same Americans and others in. Either way, they are there and they are getting paid.

Then we remembered. Where there is lying, there are inconsistencies. Lying is one of the most despicable crimes a person can commit. We actually despise unashamed, blatant liars and hope to never succumb to the temptation to become one. Liars are losers.

by John and Dink

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